Websites and Hosting for Authors

Promote your hard work with a dedicated website, hosted on our own servers.

Websites and Hosting for Authors


We can provide you with a fully featured website on the WordPress platform.  If you have your own theme selected, we will use that, otherwise we will provide you with an initial draft to give you an idea of how the finished site will look and feel to your visitors.  We can also take your own content and set up all of the necessary pages and forms for you, or we can write the content on your behalf for an additional fee.   Basic search engine optimisation and social media tie-ins are also included as part of the package.  Please note that the price quoted is for a basic site with up to five pages, plus one form.  If you require additional pages, or ongoing updates, please ask to be quoted for this in advance.

Website design and build for only £600 GBP /  $750 USD (or a £50 GBP / $65 monthly fee for twelve months)


As an author-friendly site, we understand that having a corner of the internet to call your own is essential. It seems that everywhere you turn, self-published authors are bombarded with advice about brand building, author platforms, and funnelling readers to a site where they can learn more about you and your work, buy books, or sign up to a mailing list (acknowledged by many to be the keystone of indie-author marketing efforts). That’s all well and good but what if you don’t have a site? Perhaps you haven’t got around to it yet, or the techy-ness of it all is just too off-putting. Or perhaps you do have one and you simply don’t like your current host. Maybe they are slow, insecure, or, as we hear all too often, have caused headaches by deleting sites or going dark for hours, offering poor customer service.

This is why we offer websites and hosting for authors. Whether you are traditionally published, proudly indie, or simply a part of the vibrant book blogging community, our service would be a great fit.

Our hosting clients are housed on a lightning fast, powerful server, which includes:

  • ISO 27001 Certified UK data centre with UK engineers
  • Powerful, secure Intel Xeon x3330 2.66GHz server
  • Separate physical hosts for DNS, email, and web services
  • Nightly server backups
  • Separate physical backup server
  • 28 days of incremental retention
  • Enterprise level Cisco ASA firewalls
  • 24/7 friendly support with no ticketing
  • Direct access to third-line engineers
  • 1GB of webspace
  • 100 POP email accounts
  • 1GB of storage across all email accounts

All above hosting facilities for only £120 per annum / £10 per month


  • IMAP mailboxes: £36 per year / £3 per month per 2GB IMAP mailbox
    By default, mailboxes are created using the POP protocol, which means that emails are downloaded from the mail server to your computer or device and exist only in that area, so if something happens to the storage on that device, your mail is lost forever.  IMAP, however, means that emails are stored on the cloud and whenever you download them to your device, they are still retained on our mail server and accessible on any other device or through a webmail interface.  Due to the fact that IMAP emails take up increasingly more storage space on the mail server, the mailboxes must be rented.
  • Mailguard virus and spam protection: £5 per month
    With spam and virus injections being so prevalent these days, it’s important to protect your emails and devices as effectively as possible.  The Mailguard service takes a stand at the first point of entry and removes spam and virus-infected emails before they are stored on the mail server, so that they never get as far as your own system.
  • WordPress theme installation: £100 one-off fee
    If you’d rather not have to worry about installing your chosen WordPress theme and any of the basic plugins that we’d normally recommed, we can take care of that aspect for you. This would mean we’d be handing over a site that’s ready to be populated and customised by you, without the hassle of messing around with security and permissions. By default, unless you ask us not to, we will also install Contact Form 7, Google Analytics, MailChimp for WordPress, and Yoast SEO
  • WordPress maintenance: £120 per annum / £10 per month
    Ensure your WordPress installation is kept up to date with the latest upgrades and patches, as well as updating plugins whenever necessary.  All this will keep your website safe and secure from hackers who would use security holes and exploits to alter or remove your website.
  • Website migration service: £50 one-off fee
    If you have an existing website and would like to switch to our hosting, we can take care of this on your behalf so you don’t have to get involved.

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