What our clients thought about working with us

At AuthorPackages, we like to go above and beyond for our clients.
We see relationships rather than projects, and collaborations rather than commissions.


KAH-BOOM!!! A dynamite job!!!

There’s nothing like finding a professional cover designer and interior formatter that can take your words and ideas and have them explode into the big bang of LIFE!

Mark and Lorna at AuthorPackages did just that… KAH-BOOM!!! A dynamite job!!!

They created an eye-popping attractive cover that’ll make onlookers long for a dose of what’s inside the book!

The explosive, morbid, and psychedelic cover art brilliantly catches the vision and imagination of my work! Thanks!

Allen H Walcott
Tentacles of Destruction

An amazing job

The service Mark and Lorna provided was fantastic. I unfortunately had to switch cover designers in the middle of my series, but Mark did an amazing job matching the cover perfectly to the theme of the first two books. Not only that, but he made it look even better! Both Mark and Lorna work quickly but thoroughly and keep in regular contact so you always know what’s happening.

They’re also more than happy to make any little tweaks you ask for and provide suggestions about what might work better. I would absolutely recommend AuthorPackages, and will definitely be going back to them for the final book in my series.

Lisa Cassidy
Darkmage: Book 3 of the Mage Chronicles

Every single detail from start to finish was perfect

It’s hard to trust your heart and soul with just anyone. Especially if that heart and soul consists of over five years of hard work. ‘The Outcasts’, my debut novel, was just a dream. AuthorPackages turned it into something so much more.

Thanks go out to Mark and Lorna Reid who tirelessly made sure every single detail from start to finish was perfect. They went above and beyond what was needed in order to get me through the hump of self-publishing. From AMAZING and sometimes scary-intuitive cover design, to interior formatting beyond my wildest dreams, they do it all.

Their motto: ‘At AuthorPackages, we like to go above and beyond for our clients. We see relationships rather than projects, and collaborations rather than commissions.’ is exactly spot on.

Misty Hayes
The Blood Dagger Volume 1: The Outcasts

Light beer with a zesty pumpkin twist

As the man who knows value as a customer and a supplier, I can honestly say that AuthorPackages takes 1st Place for providing great value to its customers.  That is, I can’t remember a company offering a better package of benefits to cost for literally ANY service — large or small.

As a business consultant, I would have to advise AuthorPackages to stop offering so much for so little.  It’s downright embarrassing to the competition and it goes against the grain of enterprise behavior, at least in the United States. The company’s tag line should be: “We offer more, for less — much less”.

This service is light beer with a zesty pumpkin twist.  I hope their customers hurry up and buy more service before the owners recognize the error of their ways.

Steven A Zecola
Piercing the Big Bang

They truly care about their clients

I will be coming to AuthorPackages for all my future books. Mark and Lorna were extraordinary and went above and beyond. Mystic Princess was my first book and they took the time to explain things to me that had nothing to do with my book cover and formatting. They helped me navigate the rather confusing world of book writing. They truly care about their clients and I felt that through our entire experience together.

I had a bad situation with an editor and Mark graciously reached out to the editor in order to get a resolution. When no resolution was found, Lorna lead me to a solution that allowed me to get my money back. They saved me hundreds of dollars. I cannot thank them enough for all their hard work. They are dedicated and thoughtful and truly gifted in their talents.

When I first came to them I told them just a few small details about my book and they transformed those few things into my beautiful cover. I still look at it in disbelief. Lorna did a magnificent job formatting the inside of both the ebook and paperback. And when it came time to put everything into action they sent me step by step instructions on how to upload to Createspace and Amazon. If you are in search of a wonderful book cover designer and formatter look no further than AuthorPackages. I will be referring anyone I can to this awesome company.

Kelli Marie
Mystic Princess

The best help I could have asked for

I was in the process of publishing my first book when I stumbled on AuthorPackages.  Everything that needed to be done to get my book ready seemed to daunting to me but with their help it all went incredibly smoothly.  Mark was the best help I could have asked for and he had the perfect cover mock-up for me on the first attempt.  He made the little changes I wanted but didn’t think I could have.  He even helped me brainstorm a tagline, canvasing the whole office for reactions.  Given that there was an immense time difference between us I was surprised and delighted by how responsive Mark was to all my questions.  Honestly, if you have the chance you should absolutely work with AuthorPackages.  They really care about their authors and their service is top-notch.  I have every intention of coming back for any book I do in the future.

Kate Davidson
Animal Instinct

You are not just a customer but are treated like a friend too

As I was nearing the completion of my first novel The Incarnadine Thread, I knew I would have to begin the daunting task of finding the right people I could work with to design my book cover and to format my manuscript and I was totally overwhelmed by the prospect. I started to investigate some options but soon realised that there were many potential pitfalls ahead if I didn’t choose wisely.

After a few enquiries and a few dead ends – which left me feeling more at sea, I came across authorpackages – and what a serendipitous find! From the moment of first contact to the completion of the formatting of all my files, nothing was too much trouble; this company are truly amazing. Being new to all of this process, I really needed gentle guidance step by step the whole way, which is what I felt I received.  Mark and Lorna are not only professional but friendly and very approachable and because of this, I was able to convey my ideas and I had the utmost confidence in their ability to deliver.

Initially I sent a synopsis of my novel off and straight away Mark got a feel of the genre and the plot. After discussing what my own vision for the cover was, Mark produced something that not only conveys the mood of the narrative but the historical context it sits in too. I am really delighted with the result.

In addition, Lorna did a great job on the formatting of both the ebook and the print version. After asking whether it was possible to have an embellishment or motif at the start of each chapter to reflect the era, Lorna was able to fulfil my request. Now each new chapter heading and each page break has a motif which not only adorns the page really well and breaks up the text but it gives the book a historical feel.

If you want something bespoke and original, then you have come to the right place!  Authorpackages will support you during the process and long after. You are not just a customer but are treated like a friend too.

Julia Povall
The Incarnadine Thread

I can’t imagine writing another book without AuthorPackages on my team

I searched for a book designer for months, interviewed several, and almost hired one that charged four-times what AuthorPackages charges. Then, on a fluke (and a fortunate fluke, I might add) I emailed Mark. Our first email correspondence is what drew me in. I felt like we were friends, like he cared about me and my first novel, Catfish. I felt like Mark wanted more for my book than even I did.

When I told Mark what I envisioned, he brought it to life and far exceeded anything I could have imagined. When my husband saw the final cover design, he cried; I had chills. Then Lorna took my manuscript and turned it into beautiful pages. She made edits and held my hand, sending me email after email with instructions on how to submit it to the various publishing sources. Booth Mark and Lorna sent me links with files and detailed instructions for uploading to the various sources—and those uploads went off without a hitch.

Mark and Lorna read my mind from the getgo. As a first-time novelist I was lost about how to get everything done. I feel like I hit jackpot when I found Author Packages. They held my hand through the entire process from designing the cover to laying out the interior to giving me instructions on “how to.”

It takes a village to get a book written, edited, designed and published; and I will always want Mark and Lorna in my village—on my team. They are the best teammates any writer could have My gratitude for everything Mark and Lorna did for me for Catfish is immeasurable. I’m a client for life, as I can’t imagine writing another book without AuthorPackages on my team.

I am forever grateful to you both.

Madelyn Bennett Edwards

A very personal, dedicated service from start to finish

When I set out to create this book I had no idea exactly how it should look. First contact with AuthorPackages resulted in an email full of information and questions relating to the book. Mark talked me through his ideas and lead me through the process step by step. He impressed me with his creativity and professionalism, both of which are in abundance. The whole process was great from start to end. I would definitely use AuthorPackages again as it felt like a very personal dedicated service from start to finish.

Peter J Swann
My First Barbecue Book

A sixth and a half sense for knowing what needs to done

The importance of a good cover can never be under-emphasized or overstated; it is the first impression anyone will get of your work, which I find kind of ironic. But, if you are like me and work in the world of pen and ink, whilst you “pen and ink” in the world of art then you need to get Mark on board. He can transfer your two-dimensional words into the three dimensions you need to get those rods and cones dancing like an ice cream vendor on a Barbados beach.

Mark seems to have a sixth and a half sense for knowing what needs to done and at the right level of detail. The extra half is for the speed at which results appear in your inbox. And, this in NO WAY supplants the quality of the end product.

I have needed some “hand holding” in the whole publishing process and the guidance has been invaluable. It has also been “top drawer” getting some witty banter in the midst of something that can get you reaching for the brown trousers… I thank you most wholeheartedly.

I will certainly be utilizing the skills of Mark, and the team at AuthorPackages, in the future-there are many tales to tell and many places to evolve in. There is also the old adage, “if it’s not broken, then don’t try to fix it.” Well, even if it’s not broken these guys and gals will make it better, and that is sometimes what you need if you want to sell books.

Chris L
Fenmarsh: A Tale of Evolution

I will definitely come back for other projects

I had a challenge ahead of me when I lost contact with my prior cover artist. I needed to find someone who could step in and do a cover for the third and final book in my steampunk trilogy that fit the mood and style of the first two book covers.

I found Author Packages through a query on Goodreads and was impressed with Mark’s previous work. I thought he might be the right artist to pull off the cover I needed. I was not at all disappointed. We worked through several iterations together and I was delighted by how pleasant he was to work with and was extremely happy with the final product. I will definitely come back for other projects.

Nikki McCormack
The Girl and the Clockwork Crossfire

Professional, caring, dedicated, and devoted to the project at hand

AMAZING is the only way I can describe authorpackages.com. Mark and Lorna are both professional, caring, dedicated, and devoted to the project at hand. This was my first novel and they held my hand and helped me every step of the way.

Cover: Mark has a true sense of what needs to be done. He read a short summary of my book and was able to get it right the very first time. From his initial email of an idea, to a draft of the cover within hours, I couldn’t have thought up a better cover let alone create it. His talent is unreal!

Formatting: Lorna is a whiz at formatting. She turned a manuscript into a real life novel. I had tears when she sent me the draft.

I could not have asked for a better result for my first novel. They both answered each and every question I had, even the silly questions. They even were able to answer questions I hadn’t asked yet. There is no one better out there. They are the BEST!

Sharon A DeNofa
Happily Ever Not

Very skilled and an outstanding knowledge of the book industry

As I started shopping around for my book cover, I discovered authorpackages.com among many other websites that provide book cover design services. I carefully read the package each website offered and the price before I emailed them, seven websites in total. Following their responses, I selected authorpackages.com among the other options based on two things: the way Mark communicated with me and the fact that he said he wouldn’t charge me if I need to change something on the back cover.

Mark impressed me with his level of professionalism. He didn’t just design the cover, he made sure the cover looked professional. Mark is very patient and always replies on time. In a short period, Mark and I have somehow become friends. Mark is more interested about providing his clients a great cover design than making money. Once I’ve presented the physical copy (the proof copy) to some friends and colleagues, they all loved it. I recall one of them said, “The cover is sexy, I love it.” Mark is very skilled and has an outstanding knowledge of the book industry when it comes for cover design.

Authorpackages have an affordable price for the amazing service they are offering. Just give them a try and you will be surprised.

Elie Jerome
Unplanned Destination

An excellent job

Having initially been made aware of Mark’s work via a recommendation, I contacted him to see if he would be suitable for what I was trying to achieve.

As it was my debut book, I felt it important to have a striking cover design that made an impact, when viewed online/Kindle etc, thus, I wanted it to stand out and make a bold statement. I was not disappointed in my choice of designer.

After providing Mark with a brief on how I roughly visualized it, he brought it to life, far more than I could’ve imagined. It captured the essence of the book, without giving too much away and made the bold statement I was looking for.

His use of colours, design and attention to detail were fantastic.

I can’t praise Mark’s work enough; he was diligent, hard working and ran things past me before initiating the final version. Many people who’ve bought the book have praised the cover highly. I have no hesitation in utilising Mark’s skills in the future, nor have I any hesitation in recommending him to others. An excellent job.

C.E. Cumming
The Admiralty Adventures: Treasure of the High Seas