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Polish your prose and smooth out the final wrinkles in your manuscript with our professional proofreading service for authors

Proofreading Service for Indie Authors


Getting your manuscript into the best possible shape is a key task for any indie author, which is why a professional proofreading service is one of the most important aspects of self-publishing. Bad grammar, spelling, and punctuation can jar readers out of the beautiful worlds that you have created for them, pulling their attention away from your snappy dialogue and intriguing characters, which is the last thing you want.

We work with our authors to make sure that their work stands out for the right reasons, by delivering a careful, considerate proofreading service that is not only thorough, but which also, crucially, preserves the author’s voice and style. After all, it’s your story, and, even though we’re helping to smooth out the technical issues, we won’t disrupt the soul of your book.

We’ll need a ten-page sample from the middle of your manuscript, as well as the overall word count, genre, and any other pertinent information in order for us to accurately assess your work and provide a reasonable quote/timeframe for the work. We can also perform sample edits on request. So, if you’d like to chat about our proofreading services, then get in touch!

Once you’re happy with your manuscript and the work is signed off, it’s on to the next stage in your publishing journey – preparing your book for publication. If you need some more help with that, then we have a number of Print and eBook Cover Design packages that may suit you.

Please note that, while we are not offering an editorial service, we would never ignore anything that we feel requires attention from the author.  As you will see from the breakdown of our proofreading service below, we tend to go beyond what many other proofreaders would.  Our rates depend on the quality of the submitted manuscript but, as a general rule of thumb, we would expect that most would have gone through a substantial edit prior to submission, and would therefore be around £5 per 1000 words.

Proofreading Service includes

  • Checking and correction of:
    1. Spelling errors
    2. Grammatical errors
    3. Syntaxical errors
    4. Punctuation issues
  • Following your editor’s style guide
  • Cross referencing with your editor’s character and location guide
  • All edits logged through Track Changes
  • All corrections and suggestions explained fully where necessary

Please note that we do not provide developmental or copy edits at this time, only a proofreading service.


Simply complete the form on the right, giving as much information as possible, and consider including between ten pages to three chapters from the middle of your manuscript. This will allow us to know how much work will be involved, based on the quality of the edit. When we, and you, are ready to begin the process, a deposit of 50% of the standard fee is required. The balance of the payment will be required on completion. If you’d rather not include your manuscript at this stage, you can still complete the form and we can discuss the way forward.




Has the manuscript been edited?

Did your editor provide you with a style guide?

Did your editor provide you with a character and location guide?


Please upload your manuscript sample
(accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf - please contact us if your manuscript is a file type not listed)

Cover Design
We can provide a professional custom cover design for your book for eBook and/or print. Please see our cover design and formatting packages, which start at £399 for our EBook cover and formatting service.
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