Print and eBook Formatting

Your book should be easy to read, follow convention, and comply with industry standards

Print and eBook Formatting


A good layout is one of the key elements of a professional looking book, and not only enhances your words but allows your readers to sink into your work. After all, you want people to enjoy your content, not be put off by an iffy book interior. A poorly laid-out or formatted book can lead to a frustrating or jarring experience that risks damaging the flow or, worse, breaking a reader’s immersion. In the worst cases, it can even lead to bad reviews, or to readers who may be browsing samples on sites like Amazon to be put off purchasing in the first place. Your work deserves better.

What we do is work carefully with your manuscript, creating the design and layout, and making sure the interior meets professional industry standards in order to prepare it for its final journey to the printer or digital retailer.

All you need to do is fill in the form and send us your final, proofread manuscript (in digital format; our postie can’t cope with boxes of paper), along with any other pertinent information, and leave the rest to us. If we have any queries or you want to check in, then we can chat, but otherwise, when your book’s interior is finished, you’ll be sent your final files for approval. At this stage you will have unlimited revisions until you are happy and the project is signed off. Then you can move on to the next stage of your publishing journey.

We have three formatting packages to choose from, which meet a variety of needs. We also offer a professional book cover design service, including a combined print and eBook formatting and cover design package (our most popular) that offers superb value for money.

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£149 / $185 USD
Perfect for those who are only planning to publish their manuscript as an eBook. Our eBook formatting service will take your finished manuscript and turn it into an eBook in both EPUB and MOBI formats, ready to upload to online retailers such as Amazon, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, or the multi-platform distributors such as Draft2Digital, Smashwords, and Book Baby.
£149 / $185 USD
If you are planning to release your work solely in print format, or are deciding to introduce a print revenue stream for an existing title, then we can help. We will work with your manuscript and produce a professional print-ready PDF file, ready for you to upload to your printer of choice.
£249 / $310 USD
Many independent authors want to maximise their book’s potential by offering both print and digital versions of their work. With this in mind, we offer a competitive professional package, combining our print and eBook formatting services. We will provide your book in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF format.