Print and eBook Cover Design with Formatting

For those wishing to cover all bases and have covers designed for print, audiobook, and ebook, our complete package offers a stress-free solution and includes formatting across all areas. We're even throwing in some marketing material to get you started on your journey

Print and eBook Cover Design with Formatting


Our largest package is the perfect solution to cover all aspects of these first steps of bringing your book to the public. Utilising our years of design experience, we offer a professional print and eBook cover design service that is ideal for both experienced indie authors and those self-publishers who are taking their first steps on an exciting journey, and comes complete with a set of marketing banners designed to be used with most online advertisers.

After receiving your form and deposit, we will get to work and create a first draft that we think fits your book, based on the information you have given us. After that, we work with any feedback you may have until you’re 100% happy with the design. If you don’t like the first design draft, then we will provide another and work from there until it’s just right. As far as formatting goes, we will work with your finished manuscript and create a high-quality eBook interior that meets industry standards and will show off your work.

It is important to note that you should try to avoid setting your heart on a specific scene or group of characters. The best print and eBook cover design will usually have simpler concepts that are more representative, rather than risk looking cluttered and unclear.

A professional cover needs to be clear and convey the right tone for your book and overall genre. We want the best for you and your book, so please trust us and our experience.

Unfortunately, we are not illustrators, and therefore do not create character or scene-specific artwork. If this is the sort of direction you were hoping to go in, then it would be best to hire an illustrator to create this artwork for you prior to going ahead.

Cover Design Service Includes

  • Professional print and eBook cover design*
  • No stock image fees**
  • Dropbox with all final images
  • 3D mockup of finished book as well as on devices

Formatting Service Includes

  • Professionally designed and formatted print-ready PDF file
  • Professional formatted eBook files (MOBI and EPUB formats)
  • Table of contents created (eBook only)
  • Copyright page and content (if you don’t already have one)
  • Your cover image included in your file (supplied by you, unless you opt for one of our cover design or combined packages) – eBook only
  • Unlimited changes until the project is signed off

Also included in this bumper bundle

  • Between 25-35 individually created marketing images (3D models of your actual book’s size) on multiple backgrounds (value of £150)
  • Audiobook Cover (value of £50)
  • Overall package value of £956


Simply complete the form on the right, giving as much information as possible, and this will allow us to know whether we have enough to start with or whether we need to contact you to discuss requirements before getting back to you with our initial concept and thoughts.  When we, and you, are ready to begin the print and eBook cover design, a deposit of 50% of the standard fee is required.  The balance of the payment, as well as any additional costs for optional extras, will be required once a design has been agreed upon and prior to the release of any artwork. If you’d rather discuss your requirements in a more informal manner prior to going ahead, please use our standard contact form.

*As standard, you will be provided covers for both KDP and IngamSpark platforms in paperback format for your print cover.  If you require hardcover and/or dust jacket, you must specify this otherwise your cover will only be created in paperback format for the aforementioned platforms.  Similarly, if you require that your paperback or hardback covers be produced for a platform other than KDP and Ingram, there will be an additional fee of £100 per platform, and you will be required to provide the necessary templates or provide access to your account to allow us to request templates on your behalf.

**All images used are royalty-free and are typically sourced from DepositPhotos and Dreamstime. These are included in the cost of your cover design and this gives you the right to their use for sales of up to 500,000 units/books (physical/print books). However, if you exceed this, or are planning on using your cover design on non-book items/merchandise for sale then an extended license will need to be purchased for each image used in your design. Please speak with us if this is the case and we can facilitate this or offer advice. You are responsible for ensuring that you act within the law with regards to image licensing beyond what we have provided, and paying your deposit is an acknowledgement of that. If your cover design requires elements that cannot be obtained from our subscription-based stock libraries, such as specific character types from NeoStock, or imagery from Shutterstock, Alamy, or AdobeStock, there will be an additional fee but there will be no mark-up.




Trim Size
Your trim size is the width and height of your book as you look at it lying flat on a surface. It is the finished size your book will be, based on if you were to measure your front cover. Knowing your trim size in advance is important as this will not only affect the shape of your back and front covers, but also the thickness of the spine, based on the number of pages and paper type. Please select your preferred trim size from below.

Paper Colour
Please specify which colour of paper you're planning on using for your internal pages. It's important to note that white is generally reserved for non-fiction and reference books, whereas cream is the standard for fiction.

Who will you be using to print your book?
Please note that, unlike other cover design services, we will always provide covers for KDP and Ingram as standard, rather than only provide one and charge for the other. We DO, however require an additional fee if you are using someone who is not in our typical daily workflow for print copies (B&N or Draft2Digital, for example). We also require an additional fee if you want to have both paperback and hardcover versions produced as the design process is very different for both. Please also note that the costs quoted below for hardcover and dustjacket are based on Ingram and KDP specifically, and only apply if you opt for these at the outset as it's more complicated to go back and retrofit a hardcover when the artwork has been finalised. If we're not notified in advance of a hardcover or dustjacket and you come back to request one after your paperbacks have reached completion, there will be an additional fee, so please be sure to let us know below if you require them.


Where will you be selling/distributing your eBook?



Please upload your manuscript
(accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf - please contact us if your manuscript is a file type not listed)


If selected, these will be added to your final balance, which is due to be paid on completion. Your deposit remains unaffected.

Handholding Service* (£75)Non-Fiction Formatting (£100)Non-Reflowable Formatting (£10 per page)Smashwords eBook version (£12)Social Media Headers (£75 each)Provision of additional images (min £10 each)PSD of flattened final artwork with editable text layers (£250)PDF of final artwork as A2 (420x594mm) poster (£100)PDF of final artwork as A1 (594x841mm) poster (£150)Proofreading (Price on Application)Author Website (£600)

*Our handholding service allows us to take the burden of uploading and submitting your books for publication to the various platforms. We would stress that this is only required if you are genuinely uncomfortable at the thought of doing this yourself. It is a relatively simple process, but we understand that those who are not necessarily computer-literate might prefer not to do it themselves.