What our clients thought about working with us

At AuthorPackages, we like to go above and beyond for our clients.
We see relationships rather than projects, and collaborations rather than commissions.


I will definitely come back for other projects

I had a challenge ahead of me when I lost contact with my prior cover artist. I needed to find someone who could step in and do a cover for the third and final book in my steampunk trilogy that fit the mood and style of the first two book covers.

I found Author Packages through a query on Goodreads and was impressed with Mark’s previous work. I thought he might be the right artist to pull off the cover I needed. I was not at all disappointed. We worked through several iterations together and I was delighted by how pleasant he was to work with and was extremely happy with the final product. I will definitely come back for other projects.

Nikki McCormack
The Girl and the Clockwork Crossfire

Professional, caring, dedicated, and devoted to the project at hand

AMAZING is the only way I can describe authorpackages.com. Mark and Lorna are both professional, caring, dedicated, and devoted to the project at hand. This was my first novel and they held my hand and helped me every step of the way.

Cover: Mark has a true sense of what needs to be done. He read a short summary of my book and was able to get it right the very first time. From his initial email of an idea, to a draft of the cover within hours, I couldn’t have thought up a better cover let alone create it. His talent is unreal!

Formatting: Lorna is a whiz at formatting. She turned a manuscript into a real life novel. I had tears when she sent me the draft.

I could not have asked for a better result for my first novel. They both answered each and every question I had, even the silly questions. They even were able to answer questions I hadn’t asked yet. There is no one better out there. They are the BEST!

Sharon A DeNofa
Happily Ever Not

Very skilled and an outstanding knowledge of the book industry

As I started shopping around for my book cover, I discovered authorpackages.com among many other websites that provide book cover design services. I carefully read the package each website offered and the price before I emailed them, seven websites in total. Following their responses, I selected authorpackages.com among the other options based on two things: the way Mark communicated with me and the fact that he said he wouldn’t charge me if I need to change something on the back cover.

Mark impressed me with his level of professionalism. He didn’t just design the cover, he made sure the cover looked professional. Mark is very patient and always replies on time. In a short period, Mark and I have somehow become friends. Mark is more interested about providing his clients a great cover design than making money. Once I’ve presented the physical copy (the proof copy) to some friends and colleagues, they all loved it. I recall one of them said, “The cover is sexy, I love it.” Mark is very skilled and has an outstanding knowledge of the book industry when it comes for cover design.

Authorpackages have an affordable price for the amazing service they are offering. Just give them a try and you will be surprised.

Elie Jerome
Unplanned Destination

An excellent job

Having initially been made aware of Mark’s work via a recommendation, I contacted him to see if he would be suitable for what I was trying to achieve.

As it was my debut book, I felt it important to have a striking cover design that made an impact, when viewed online/Kindle etc, thus, I wanted it to stand out and make a bold statement. I was not disappointed in my choice of designer.

After providing Mark with a brief on how I roughly visualized it, he brought it to life, far more than I could’ve imagined. It captured the essence of the book, without giving too much away and made the bold statement I was looking for.

His use of colours, design and attention to detail were fantastic.

I can’t praise Mark’s work enough; he was diligent, hard working and ran things past me before initiating the final version. Many people who’ve bought the book have praised the cover highly. I have no hesitation in utilising Mark’s skills in the future, nor have I any hesitation in recommending him to others. An excellent job.

C.E. Cumming
The Admiralty Adventures: Treasure of the High Seas